Ontario Precision Agri-Food
building an open agri-food innovation platform


October 2016: Phase 2 Underway

In the complex environment of Agri-Food, Ontario requires leadership to architect and build a PAT information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure that will deliver what is needed by the agri-food industry as a whole. Phase two will address the challenge to integrate existing data assets with emerging data assets that in future will enable the implementation of industry-wide prescriptive analytics capabilities (by employing such techniques as machine learning and deep learning) to drive the next generation of decision support system capability. Importantly, the solution must be developed from an organizational perspective, building and maintaining industry relationships and identifying business requirements, iteratively building a long-term solution through specific, well-defined requirements-driven trials and pilots

OPAF seeks to become the facilitator to amplify the value of data through collaboration and building of trust worthy relationships, the integrator for the exchange and sharing of information, the enabler of innovation and thought leader concerning issues such as cyberinfrastructure and security, preservation of personal data and responsible data stewardship.